Issue with SIPTV App


Problem with SIPTV App

The following is a clear step by step investigation of our team regarding the latest issue with Smart IPTV app. We tried to explain each measure in details.How to setup IPTV on Smart TV via Smart IPTV App(SIPTV)?

siptv app

At first, it was obvious that the problem was from SIPTV side and the clients needed to try with other IPTV apps on their devices such as SSIPTV or Smart STB and IPTV Smarters app on Smart TV.
Then we realized that some of the clients tried TS format instead of HLS and it solved the issue for a few of them.What is M3U list?

Before this, we investigated that if the problem is related to a single country or a particular Internet Service provider and turned out that wasn't the case.

Some of the clients tried to update the SIPTV app to the latest version and this solved the issue for some of them. We couldn't figure out why this was related somehow.
Another step clients took in order to tackle the problem was deleting the app and reinstalling it again and this solved the issue for some of them.

In the end, as the final measure, we realized there was a problem with one of the extream updates that they fixed themselves. There was a problem with one of the SIPTV updates and they needed to get synced with extream. The M3U8 in SIPTV was not interacting with the extream version.

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