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Which Operating System is compatible with IPTV?

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All major types of Operating Systems (OS) including Microsoft Windows, MAC OS, Linux, and Android are compatible with IPTV service. As a result, IPTV can be played with a variety of devices from PC, Laptop, Tablet, Smart Phones to Smart TVs and iPads as well as gaming consoles such as PS4 and Xbox One.

Operating systems in IPTV


Having IPTV on your gaming console is a major feature that anyone wishes to have and experience live TV channels as well as video on demand contents for a valuable price. In order to have IPTV on PS4, you must use Plex and that is the only option for streaming live channels on PS4 at the moment. Please note while watching IPTV on PS4, Plex must be opened at all time and closing it will go to stop the live stream.


IPTV on Xbox One

Kodi, one of the most popular applications for streaming IPTV on Xbox One.

IPTV on Xbox One

Windows, Mac, and Linux

There are many applications available on these platforms, but, one of the most commonly used applications on all three is the VLC media player. You can download the latest version based on each platform from the official Windows, Mac, or Linux store. 


Another great app to use on your Microsoft Windows, Linux or Mac is Kodi. Kodi can be installed on all the three mentioned operating systems and is really easy to set up in just a matter of minutes. You can also download many different add-ons and install it on your application and gain benefits that no other IPTV apps can offer.


These days android is everywhere. From Smart TVs and Smartphones to Perfect player on Android can be a great choice.

IPTV on Android

On the other hand, Kodi can also be a great option for people who want to spend more time on the extra features this application has to offer. Setting up IPTV for Kodi on Android is very simple and easy and it can be installed on any Android device in just a few minutes. You can also gain extra advantages by installing different Add-ons on your Kodi.

One more easy to setup application on Android is the VLC media player. VLC is available almost on every major platform and IPTV device.


Having IPTV on devices such as iPhone or iPad means that you can watch your favorite channels on the go while moving from place to place so that you never miss a show or an important sports event. Watching IPTV on iOS can also be achieved by purchasing a setup box called IPTV on iOS is GSE player and it can be installed on all the three mentioned devices.

Apple TV

There is also another great app to choose for streaming IPTV channels on your device and its called stream universal channels, worldwide broadcasters and VOD on your iPhone and iPad (and on your Apple TV). Wherever you are! You just require an internet connection! 

M3U with options which are the most commonly used script for IPTV usage.


Although adding IPTV channels to Engima2 based devices can be a little tricky, however, Extream TV plugin has made things easier and simpler. All you need to do is to install Extream TV plugin on your Enigma2 device and provide your device Mac address to your IPTV distributor and you are settled.

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